We are a local, family-run business passionate about our pets. As our dogs grew older, they suffered from an assortment of illnesses including cognitive impairment, arthritis, lack of appetite, strokes, anxiety, sensitivity to noise, environmental changes, and other typical canine ailments and conditions. Our veterinarian suggested hemp oil and within 48 hours we noticed a marked difference. Dewey, at 16 years old, moved with more ease, ate heartily, was more engaged and aware of his surroundings and actually became playful and happier overall. Jadey, at 7 years old, suffered a traumatic past before we adopted her, always struggles with loud noises or strangers, suddenly chilled out and became much happier!

While the oil was quite effective, it wasn’t always easy to administer orally with the dropper. Our dogs never turn down treats so, after considerable research, we tried baking our own hemp biscuits for our pets and for our friends’ pets. After eating our biscuits, our dogs continued to exhibit positive overall improvement of their chronic geriatric symptoms and emotional reactions. As demand grew, our hobby became a business with a mandate to use only the finest natural ingredients, and to be always made by hand with love and care.